Repair tape

Self-sealing repair tape black is easy tomanage and apply.

  • seals itself, is non-sticky
  • excellent resistance to water, temperature and UV
  • shock and tear-resistant
  • can even be used on dirty objects  

Repair tape high performance

  • insulated up to 12,000 volts
  • transparent, extremely strong, temperature and pressure resistant
  • for indoor and outdoor applications
  • weatherproof , UV and ageresistant
  • resistant to water, salt water, oil, fuel, coolant and antifreeze and many others.
  • pressure-resistant up to 12 bar


Repair tape black

Repairs in the automotive sector (radiator and engine hoses, ignition cable, gaskets and brackets). For sealing hoses and pipes. For insulating and waterproofing.  


Repair tape transparent high performance

For repairing cables, pipes, brackets, radiators and engine hoses.